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Richard Rudis GongBathstm

richard sitting in front of his Gong

Richard Rudis – Sonam Dorje
Quantum Level Experience!

Richard – the North American Gong Master!

If you haven’t tried a Sonam Dorje Gong Bath, you do not know what you are missing! This is the best sound healing available.

Anticipate healings, awakenings and miracles.

Transformational healing waves of sound bathe you with the rising and failing rhythms, tonalities and vibrations of the huge Earth Gong tuned to the primordial AUM-the “universal Chord”; the vibrational signature of our mother Earth (Gaia) as it dances with our Sun(Sol).

Come to a sojourn into vibrational sound healing. A ‘Bath’ is an unforgettable event to soothe, inspire, heal and awaken your spirit. Each participant is bathed with rising and falling rhythms, tonalities and multi-tonal octaves of healing vibrations. The harmonic, sometimes piercing, resonance reduce stress and induces natural healing physically, mentally, spiritual.

Delving into the Transcendent – Refining the Chakras
July 9th to July 20th  Pre-Register & Save $5
July 9th Sat 7PM 1.5Hr 2Gong -Denver Iyengar Yoga – 1st Chakra –Foundation
July 10th Sun 7PM 1Hr -Denver Rocky Mt Miracle Cntr – 2nd Chakra Sacral -Dwelling Place
July 11th Mon 7PM 1.5Hr -Denver Christ Congregational Church – 3rd Chakra Solar -Jeweled City
July 12th Tue 7PM 1Hr -Boulder First United Methodist Church (Labyrinth 6PM-7PM) – 4th Chakra Heart -Seat of Compassion

July 13th Wed 6PM 1Hr -Cottonwood Hot Springs Buena Vista –Water Blessing

July 15th Fri 7PM 1Hr -Ft Collins Om Ananda Yoga – 5th Chakra Throat –Purity
July 16th Sat 6PM 2Hrs 4Gongs – Boulder Circus Center -Guest star Gregg Wilkins – 3rd Eye –Power
July 17th Sun 12:30 1Hr -Center for Spiritual Living Castle Rock
July 17th Sun 6PM 1Hr -YMCA Lafayette -Audio/Vibrating floor – Soma

July 18th Mon 7PM 1Hr -Boulder StarHouse – Benefit Concert

July 19th Tue 7PM 1.5Hr 4Gong -Denver Space Gallery (1st time Denver) – 7th Chakra Crown
July 20th Wed 7PM – GlenwoodSprings/Carbondale – Happiness

Guests attending Cottonwood Hot Springs Water Blessing on July 13th may bring swimsuits and relax in the pool, or bring a blanket to lay on outdoors.  For a good spot be there 30min early.
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