The Hot Springs

hotsrpingsNothing artificial is added to our natural hot springs waters. Temperature in our natural hot springs pools range from 94° F. to 110° F.


Out of the respect and honor for our guests, this sacred site and our healing waters, we do not permit the use of alcohol on the premises.


  • Alcohol, food, smoking, dogs, and glass are not permitted in the pool areas.
  • Please use caution when entering the pools. Walkways can become slippery. Please enter all pools at the stairways.
  •  Swimsuits are required at all times
  • Children 16 and under must vacate the pools after dark. We have no lifeguard on duty.

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Dry Sauna – for our pool guests

sauna   sauna2


Nothing artificial is added to our
natural hot springs waters.

The naturally occuring elements in our hot mineral water are shown below.

Arsenic (As) 4.5 UG/L Magnesium (Mg) 0.4 UG/L
Boron (B) 92.5 UG/L Manganese (Mn) 10 UG/L
Calcium (Ca) 5.9 MG/L Nitrogen (N) 0.12 MG/L
Chloride (Cl) 30 MG/L Potassium (K) 2.7 MG/L
Fluoride (F) 14 UG/L Silica (SiO2) 57 MG/L
Iron (Fe) 10 UG/L Sodium (Na) 105 MG/L
Lithium (Li) 155 UG/L Sulfate (SO4) 110 MG/L
Zinc (Zn) 15 UG/L

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