We’re Different

We’re Different!

……………………………And proud of it

We are not your holiday hotel with 4 or 5 stars by our name, or your cruise director and entertainment guide. We never have been, and never will be. Instead, we try our best to offer a quiet, clean and comfortable place for you to contemplate and discover new things about yourself and your loved ones. Our owner reinvests each year’s profits in new projects that add to the natural serenity of this special place.

We do want you to be comfortable, but we don’t have televisions, refrigerators or telephones  in the lodge rooms or cabins and we don’t offer Wi-Fi on the property.

When thinking of staying with us, please consider the following:

¨ Scientific evidence shows that electronic devices send out frequency waves that clutter the brain and interfere with the energy flow of the body. Most people are in the habit of using 20 or more electrical devices per day, and there are many benefits to the body, mind and soul of getting away from all of those, at least for the time you are here. The best healing sleep is done without electrical interference. A large investment has been made in the installation of LED lighting wherever possible throughout the lodge building. Many more property improvements here at Cottonwood in the past few years have been made as well, to limit your exposure to electricity.

¨ We have invested in organic mattresses and bedding which are completely constructed of natural materials. There are no metal springs, synthetic fibers or other substances to interrupt your sleep. Metal springs in the mattresses are yet another conductor of electricity so those are gone now. We believe that this investment is a significant contribution to your health, and our proof is in the relaxed and smiling faces we so often see checking out after their stay here.

¨ Books are a great form of entertainment when you are not soaking in the springs. They encourage and allow your imagination to explore. Bring along a good book to read during your stay. If you don’t have one, we maintain a small library in the Great Room, and guests are welcome to peruse the shelves for something that appeals to you.

¨ These magnificent and sacred waters are our most precious resource here. Please help us to conserve, and treat the water with respect. This means, please keep noise to a minimum, do not use alcohol or drugs around them. Most importantly, DRINK the water! We provide a water cooler in the lobby, and one out by the pools. These are filled with our NATURAL spring water and have merely been cooled to a pleasant temperature. KEEP HYDRATED at all times to minimize the effects of our high temperatures and high altitude.

¨ We try to recycle as much material as we can. To this end we have wind turbines on the property, a natural water treatment process, hot water heating, solar arrays, and even pond habitats for warm-water fish.



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