Spa Services


Our Massage therapists are on duty and on-call daily.

Please call or ask our front desk staff for the services available during your stay.

General Spa Services

60 min $65
90 min $100
120 min $135

Couples 1 hour – $150

Specialty Spa Services

60 min – $85
90 min – $130
120 min – $165

Spa Packages Available!
Let us design a combination of services just for you.

Gift Certificates Available!
Gift certificates can be purchased by phone or at the front desk.

Swedish -$65 | Integrative – $75 | Deep Tissue – $95

Therapist availability varies throughout the year.
Please call to reserve your massage or bodywork session and we will let you know which therapists are available during your visit.

Massage & Bodywork

massage1Swedish/Relaxation/Stress Reduction

This massage technique disperses physical tension from the body gently by loosening tight muscles and reducing stiffness, removing energy blockages within the body and increasing blood and lymph circulation. The aim of the massage is to bring the body back into a balanced and relaxed state.


Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique of applying pressure to specific points located along the body’s 14 energy channels (meridians). The practitioner may use his or her fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet to conduct the massage. The effect of this treatment is to increase the flow of energy (qi) throughout the body as a whole. Energy blockages are released, allowing qi to flow more freely. Shiatsu benefits the muscles and joints as well as the internal organs, and can be used to treat stress within the body as well as disorders relating to the muscles and skeleton (musculoskeletal system).

Deep Tissue

sportsA massage technique involving the use of slow, deep and intense massage strokes across the grain of the muscle to heal physical injuries, chronic tension and emotional stresses within the body. Deep tissue massage applies greater pressure than relaxation/Swedish massage to deeper layers of the muscle. It can be used to release trapped nerves and correct damaged muscle tissue, as well as to soften hard muscles, which have caused joint restriction and structural misalignment. (hot rock with deep tissue massage, add $25)


Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in athletics. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries.

Watsu “Aquatic Bodywork” 75 min – $85

Flow9The massage is preformed in the warm water. You are cradled in the arms of the guide, and the head is continuously supported on the surface of the water. Then rocking and swaying movement gently massages blockages in the body as a whole being, as well as in problematic muscle areas. Circle, spiral and wave-like motions in this technique harmonize the breath and enhance the cellular geometric patterns within the body. Neck and leg floats may be used to facilitate the massage in the water. The therapist often seems invisible, enabling the recipient to relax in a deeply dream-like state. Watsu has evolved into what many practitioners consider the most profound development in bodywork in our time. While other modalities are based solely on touch, watsu brings the receiver to a new level of connection and trust. This, combined with the therapeutic benefits of warm water and the greater freedom of movement it encourages, creates a modality that can effect every level of our being.


A neuromuscular massage practitioner applies deep pressure to specific muscles within their client’s body to ease spasms and pain caused by continual muscle tension. The benefits of neuromuscular massage include increased blood circulation and the release of pain and pressure on nerves.

rocksHot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone massage uses smooth, heated stones such as basalt, a black volcanic rock that can absorb and retain heat well. Hot stone therapy is a deeply soothing and relaxing form of massage. The heat from the stones loosens and relaxes tight muscles. The benefits include: Stimulating the circulatory system and promoting self-healing Softening and relaxing the muscles Releasing toxins from the muscles Inducing a state of deep relaxation and stress reduction Relieving pain and muscle spasms Creating a feeling of peacefulness and spiritual well-being (hot rock with deep tissue massage, add $25)


This practice manipulates points on the hands or feet to balance energy flow in the body, stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes. The points on the hands and feet are called reflexes. Each reflex corresponds to a different part of the body such as a gland, organ or other body part. Wreflexologyhen manipulated, the reflexes can trigger phys reactions in the corresponding body parts to heal or alleviate aliments.


Acupressure consists of applying finger and thumb pressure to specific points (acupoints) on the body. To promote the flow of energy through the body’s energy channels. Acupressure stimulates the same acupoints as acupuncture, using digital pressure instead of acupuncture needles. This technique can be used to relieve various ailments and promote general health and harmony within the body.

More Spa Services


Reiki is a natural healing therapy, which has been traced back to ancient Tibet and was rediscovered in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan. According to Reiki philosophy, illnesses are caused by energy blockages in the body. The practitioner draws upon the universal energy while laying his or her hands on or over the patient. The healing energy flows from the practitioner’s hands to the patient’s body, removing the blockages or discomfort. There is no physical manipulation of the body with this treatment. It has been described by som as a spiritual “laying of hands”

Raindrop Therapy
1 hr $85

This technique incorporates aroma therapy with the reflexology, massage and moist heat in application of essential oils applied on areas of the body, bringing structural and electrical alignment. Raindrop Therapy is designed to bring balance to the body via relaxing, gentle application. It helps align and clear energy centers of the body without force or deep pressure.

Lymphatic Drainage
60 Mins $85

The Lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system. It collects fluids that are not needed by the capillaries or the skin and returns it to the heart for re-circulation. Lymphatic vessels drain waste products from tissue. Lymphatic Drainage helps to move toxins out of the body, reducing problems related to poor circulation or blockages in the system. Other health benefits include improved joint mobility, alleviation of muscle and joint aches, promoting weight loss, decreased menstrual and menopausel distress, promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Additional cosmetic and self-image benefits include: restored face and body contours, increased vitality, and improved sense of well-being.

Salt Scrubs
60 Minutes $85

Our salt scrubs combine exfoliating salts, a blend of skin-conditioning oils and essential oils to exfoliate the skin and rejuvenate the system. The oils and fragrance will stay on your skin like bath oil, making your skin feel smooth and moisturized. Gently toweling them off when you dry will allow your skin to retain just the right amount of moisturizing oils without feeling greasy.

Body Wraps
60 Minutes $85

Open your mind, body and spirit with the simplicity of a Body Wrap. Rejuvenate and deeply relax with our organic herbal formulated wraps. This wrap is an excellent detoxifying treatment. Towels are soaked in a steaming herbal solution and wrapped around the body, followed by a wool blanket to keep the warmth in and allow the herbs to draw out the impurities through the skin. Lose inches in your first session, see instant results. Call for more information.

Dry Wrap
60 Minutes $65

Dry towels as well as a wool blanket are wrapped around the body and are kept warm for 20 minutes, letting the body perspire and rid itself of impurities. Includes a head, neck and foot massage. Open your mind, body and spirit with the simplicity of a Body Wrap. Being shroud in a soft warm cocoon, and lying on a cloud of vibrating energy in an awesome experience which enhances meditation, stress-reduction, relaxation and body toxin release. The infusion used is organic and/or locally grown, then lovingly mixed for your enjoyment.

Herbal Wrap: after soaking in our pure, natural Hot Springs, the body is shroud in a sheet which has been soaked in a steaming herb solution you are floated away in a cloud of soft, steady vibration. Meditation, stress-reduction and relaxation are enhanced by soft music and aroma therapy. This ‘wrap’ is intended to prolong the toxin release process, and deepens relaxation. Herb infusion used: Rosemary: increases blood circulation Comfrey: for cell rejuvenation Calendula: releases toxins Sage: antiseptic, anti-fungal Lavender: speeds cell replacement and balances the system.

Dry wrap: consists of soaking in our pure, natural hot springs pools to increase the body core temperature, then being wrapped in a cocoon of soft, warm blankets, and lying on a cloud of vibrating energy for approx. 30 minutes. This ‘wrap” allows your body to begin the process of toxin release and rejuvenation while soothing vibration travels across your body. Meditation, stress-reduction and relaxation are enhanced by aromatherapy and soft music. *** in order to avoid any adverse effect, it is advised that you do not return to the hot springs pools for at lease “2 hours” after receiving an Herbal Wrap, a cool shower is recommended. To arrange your body wrap, please schedule at the front desk.

ear-candlesEar Candling ear-candles

This procedure is used to draw out poisons, old wax and residues from the ear using a candle made from beeswax or cotton flax. It has been used to alleviating problems such as sinusitis, ringing or humming in the ears and excessive production of earwax. During the treatment, one end of the candle is inserted into the client’s ear canal while the other end is lit, creating a vacuum in the ear canal, which draws excess wax up into the candle, clearing the ear. Relax and clear your head with Ear candling, a safe way for removal of wax build-up from ear canals. 1 cone per ear $45 ~ 2 cones per ear $65 Gentle, Safe, Relaxing, Painless, and effective for removing ear wax and fungus from the ear canal. Ear Candling is a natural, gentle way to clean out wax and white flaky fungus that has been accumulating for months or years. Some people have more buildup than others. Noisy professions, such as factory workers, loggers, musicians, etc. tend to have more wax and fungus buildup. People who have had ear-candles2ear injuries, sinus problems, or wear hearing aids, tend to have more earwax buildup. Sometimes it is helpful to use more than one cone to obtain desired results. Ear Candling is remedy that dates back to ancient times as part of a spiritual healing ritual. This almost lost art has resurfaced, just as the medicinal use of herbs and other home remedies. recently, an ear cone client took ear cones to the Mayo Clinic and the M.D. there stated that using ear cones is fine, but felt that they should not be used if the eardrum is perforated. Most people find that they have better hearing after Ear Candling. Some have found that it decreases or stops problems of ringing in the ears and sinus problems.

Energy Work

Energy work often alleviates deep pain similar to massage, but the energy work enables access to internal systems as well as the exterior physical body. Energy work is a great option for those with chronic pain, car accident recovery, disease, or those engaged in consciousness work.

EPFX/SCIO – Advanced Bio Feedback System

The EPFX/SCIO is an incredibly accurate biofeedback stress reduction system. It combines the best of biofeedback, stress reduction, Rife machines, homeopathic medicine, bioresonance, electro-acupuncture, computer technology and quantum physics. This device has taken medical technology a large step forward into pill-free, non-invasive healthcare. The system works by reducing the stresses on a body at the electro-magnetic level caused by food, toxins, environment, genetics, lifestyle. The appropriate electro-magnetics are fed back to the system at nano-second computer speeds, to insuring total safety. What is the EPFX/SCIO? The EPFX/SCIO is an extraordinary device that can help balance the over-stressed body system. It can tabulate the body’s adrenal level, its ability to heal, the flow of energy through the human system, levels of water and oxygen in the body, as well as cellular health. The EPFX/SCIO measures over 8500 different parameters of the body system including spinal energy flow, toxicity, electrical parameters, and highly sophisticated forms of biofeedback. It can help correct the underlying causes of allergies, food sensitivities, weight gain, digestive and bowel problems, stress, fatigue, insomnia, depression, arthritis, skin problems, headaches and migraines, additionally, it is one of the world’s most advanced instruments for distance healing. EPFX/SCIO equipment works through a computer interface that is based on quantum mechanics. It has the ability to detect and decrease stress levels present in the body. Once the energetic body is calibrated, it is tested for reactivity of emotional, mental and physical stressors after which biofeedback is used to balance the body’s natural energy fields. 1st Session $150, $110 per additional hour The EPFX/SCIO is offers more advanced therapies complete with extra video graphics to enhance the effectiveness of the biofeedback therapy. and twice the processing power. It offers more input screens for background therapies and extra video graphics for your viewing / focusing pleasure. You have the option of upgrading from the EPFX/SCIO to the SCIO at anytime or you may choose to purchase the SCIO from the start.

Trigger Point Therapy

What is Trigger Point Therapy? Trigger point therapy is a bodywork technique that involves the applying of pressure to tender muscle tissue in order to relieve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body. Sometimes massage and trigger point therapy are performed together. Trigger point therapy is also called myofascial trigger point therapy. Read more about Trigger Point Therapy.

Aqua-Chi aquachi

The Aqua-Chi is a revolutionary hydrotherapy device that combines the life-giving properties of water with a specialized bio-electric charge, which enhances and amplifies the body’s ability to heal itself. The bio-charge produced to the unit resonates throughout the water at a frequency specific to each individual being treated. The energized water helps to re-balance the body’s energy meridians by permeating and realigning the individual’s energy field. Resulting in many health benefits. The negative ions released during a session are similar to those found in hot springs and other naturally charged water sources. The bio-charge produced by the energy spa can effectively be used for a wide range of conditions, in a non-invasive and relaxing way. Some of the best results reported have been with: detoxification, reduced inflammation and recovery time, improved liver, kidney and colon function, as well as improved sleep patterns. After a session, one feels relaxed and experiences heightened mental clarity. However, users have reported that the effect of cumulative sessions, is the most dramatic, providing greater long-term benefits. 1 hour $65 Aqua-Chi is like bathing in your own naturally charged hot spring at home. Aqua-Chi uses bio electric field enhancement to enhance your body’s own natural ability to heal.

Certified Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval

Cathy takes you on a guided meditative journey which enables you to enter into a trance-like state. In a hypnotherapy Session, you are aware of all that is discussed. There are no secrets and no embarrassing moments, as in theater hypnosis. Issues of negative habits and/or emotions can be looked at in an objective way. In most cases, when the core issue is faced, an unwanted habit or emotion can then be illuminated or resolved. Often times, the origin of an illness and/or injury can be explored. During a Hypnotherapy Session, messages can be instilled into the mind to help continue the healing process beyond the session. Past-life and Present-life Regression is another form of Hypnotherapy. After entering the trance-like state, you are then taken on a journey to a point in the time/space continuum that a life habit or life patterns began. It can also be used to seek out there a particular soul entered into your time/space and perhaps the lessons that you are trying to learn together in this life. Soul retrieval and/or Cording can also be accomplished in a Hypnotherapy Session.

Soul Retrieval:

Often times when we are faced with a dramatic or traumatic incident in our lives, we leave a piece of our soul essence with the person or event, leaving us feeling less that whole is soul retrieval that soul essence can be recaptured and returned to you, thus leaving you feeling a sense of closure with the incident or person. Cording: being the spiritual beings that we are, we are connected to everyone by energy cords. These cords connect us to those we love and care about, and also those we have broken relationships with. Theses cords can be re-evaluated and either reconstructed or illuminated.

Code of Ethics Professional Massage & Bodyworkers Code of Ethics

PROFESSIONALISM I will maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, providing services in an ethical and professional manner towards my clientele, business associates, health care professionals, and the general public. I will respect the rights of all other health care practitioners, and will operate with them in a friendly and professional manner. I will refrain from the use of any mind-altering drugs, alcohol, or intoxicants prior to, or during and session or on any duty time. I will always dress in a professional manner, being defined as attire suitable and consistent with accepted business practice, and keep my personal hygiene up to professional standards.

CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS I will strive to serve the best interests if my clients at all times to provide the highest quality of service possible. I will maintain clear, honest, and confidential communications with my clients, and refrain from excessive talking while in session. I will acknowledge the limitations of my skills and when necessary, refer clients to the appropriate health care professionals. I will in no way instigate or tolerate any kind of sexual advance while acting in the capacity of a massage or bodywork practitioner.

SCOPE OF PRACTICE I will only use massage or bodywork techniques for which I have had adequate training, and will represent my education, training, qualifications, and abilities honestly. I will not diagnose, prescribe, or provide any other services which requires a license to practice such as chiropractic, osteopathy, psychotherapy, or any branch of medicine unless specifically licensed to do so. I will be conscious of the intent of the services I am providing, and practice good judgment to refrain from the service if there is a contraindication of the client.

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